Apr 2, 2015

G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) Apologizes After Getting Replaced At 'I Am A Singer'

Chinese Media reported today that director Hung Tao(洪濤) of the show "I am a Singer(我是歌手)" announced on Weibo that G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) will get kicked off the show. It is said the manager of G.E.M insisted on her singing new songs on the show because she doesn't have the energy to make preparation on singing cover songs. Her demands angered the director and caused him to posted an angry message on Weibo, “If you don't change the song, we will change the contestant.” In the end, A-Lin(黃麗玲) was invited to take her place.

G.E.M also used Weibo to apologize for all the commotions she has caused and indicated that she understands the concept of remembering one's roots. She said that without the show then no one would know about her. She also emphasized that she gives 100% on every single one of her performances: "If I have to sacrifice the quality of my performance in order to meet the criteria of the show, then I am really sorry about the this stage... I just can't do it. I don't want to patronize the audience and the stage! I am sorry about disappointing everyone. I will continue to work my hardest to repay my fans with music."

G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) Apologizes After Getting Replaced At 'I Am A Singer'

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