Apr 8, 2015

Jacquelin Chong(莊思敏) Doesn't Mind Dating Shorter Men

Jacquelin Chong(莊思敏) appeared at TVB city to film for an upcoming TVB drama series "Good Morning, Boss(波士早晨)" She indicated she will be playing a jealous girlfriend and will even argue with his boyfriend Ben Wong(黃智賢) in his office.

Wearing high heels, Jacquelin's height was seen comparable to that of Ben Wong. When asked if she will accept a shorter boyfriend, Jacquelin said she doesn't mind the height of men and claimed that she admires Wong Cho Lam(王祖藍) and Leanne Li(李亞男)'s relationship: "The most important thing for a guy is to have high ambition. Almost all my ex-boyfriends were all shorter than me, at most the same height as me. (Would you accept someone that looks like Wong Cho Lam as boyfriend?) Look how happy Leanne Li is! It's all about communication!"

When asked if she will date taller foreigner, Jacquelin said with a smile that it won't work because if cultural differences!

Jacquelin Chong(莊思敏) Doesn't Mind Dating Shorter Men

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