Apr 1, 2015

Jinny Ng(吳若希)'s Mom Shows No Improvement To Her Condition

Singer Jinny Ng(吳若希)'s Mom was involved in a serious bike accident last Saturday. She is currently in ICU for observation. Jinny appeared at the hospital with her good friend Kellyjackie at around 5pm yesterday. Her mom's boyfriend also showed up at around 6 pm and quickly walked into ICU when he saw media gathered outside the patient ward.

Jinny was in the room with her mom for more than an hour. She walked out of her room with a worried look on her face and said to the media: "I don't have much to speak with you guys today.(How's your mom's condition?) About the same as yesterday. Not something that we can control. (Are you worried?) I know it't not something we can be rushed. (Does it affect your work?) Not really, I am supposed to be on a vacation in April. (Was your mom conscious during the visit?) No... I did try to wake her up by talking to her. (Did your little brother come visit mom?) He has school and extracurricular activity. I try not to affect his normal lifestyle."

Jinny Ng used to suffer from depression, When asked if she's worried her condition would come back she said: "I try to look at everything in a positive light. It's okay! Thank you for the concern. (So the doctor said she can't leave the ICU yet?) I can wait!"

Jinny Ng(吳若希)'s Mom Shows No Improvement To Her Condition

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