Apr 25, 2015

Johnson Lee(李思捷) Admits Bringing Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) Home

Artiste Johnson Lee(李思捷) attended his mom Angel Fung(馮筱儀)'s cookbook release event with his good friends Louis Yuen(阮兆祥), Elena Kong(江美儀), Raymond Cho(曹永廉), Grace Wong(王君馨) and others to support the release of her new cookbook. As the son, Johnson helped greet the guests at the event. He also claimed he will give everything he has to his mom as present, including a new bride.

Johnson Teases Girls Everywhere
During the event, Johnson even teased TVB's anchor by asking her out on a date! Johnson said: "Every single girls deserve respect but I also need to respect my mom. (You are always involved in gossip rumors!) Really, I am really a bad son! (Did you ever bring home girls to see mom?) No, I only bring girl home when it's official!" Later, Johnson proclaimed he will buy a bunch of his mom's cookbooks and pass them out to his female friends: "I am doing this to make my mom happy. When my mom is happy, my mom will naturally treat the girls better! (Did you ever bring Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) back home to eat meals with your mom?) Yes! (Did she say it was good?) Even if she didn't think it was good, I am sure she would say good out of respect."

Supports Mom For Doing Charity Work
Johnson expressed that her mom's health has been deteriorating due to getting ready to publish her cookbook, he said: "As a son, I am worried and I also don't want my mom to be too stressed out. Even though we are not rich, we are trying to do everything to help people in need. All the proceeds of the cookbook will go to charities. It's a really meaningful work!" Johnson also praised her mom as a good cook. Earlier, his mom Angel won 1st place at TVB's cooking competition.

Johnson Lee(李思捷) Admits Bringing Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) Home

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  1. I hate this. The girl denied but the guy said yes. Jesus....if you are guys are dating, just say it.