Apr 22, 2015

Mandy Lieu Seen With Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) In Japan

Model Mandy Lieu has been rumored to be pregnant with Macau casino tycoon Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s child. Last month, Mandy was seen to have returned back to her model body when she was celebrating her birthday with friends and was suspected of having an abortion. After that, she was seen with her pregnant body once again and has since disappeared from the public eyes.

On the other hand, Chau Cheok Wa has been bringing his wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) to numerous public events. In recent days, Heidi has been happily sharing her bikini pictures on social media and thought she has defeated mistress Mandy Lieu. Little did she know that her husband Chau Cheok Wa was out on a play date with Mandy behind her back in Shibuya, Japan.

A few days ago, a reader named Mr. Lee saw both Chau Cheok Wa and Mandy together in Shibuya Mark City. The two were wearing matching outfits and were out enjoying food at the mall. Chau Cheok Wa was taking care of Mandy's needs and brought food to her. Afterward, they enjoyed the rest of the afternoon shopping together. At the time, Mandy was seen wearing 4 inch high heels and it was hard to tell if she was still pregnant from the back view. Mr. Lee said: "Mandy was covering her stomach with a scarf but her face was really swollen. She has to be pregnant!"

As for Mrs. Chau Cheok Wa, she has been showing off pictures she took on social media. She was sharing bikini pool party pictures earlier and also pictures from her pregnancy photo shoot. With her about to give birth very soon, she has been in a very good mood. After his husband's pubic confession to her earlier, maybe she doesn't care about her husband's extramarital affair anymore.

Mandy Lieu Seen With Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) In Japan

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  1. Jesus... his wife must be pissed or even depressed. She's at home alone while her man is out with another woman. Sad life....

  2. It seems so stupid to me that the wife is just running around claiming how "loved," she is by her husband and how much she loves her husband while blasting Mandy on social media.

    Does she assume that it's one-sided? No one put a gun to her husband's head to keep running back to Mandy, making out with her, showering her with gifts, trips and attention.

    I don't feel too bad for his wife, the wife seems pretty stupid. She seems to take pride in being "the only wife," when in truth it's nothing more than a title. Only way to be one's "true wife," or "true love," is to be respected in such a way where there is no cheating.

    And if people are human and make mistakes and cheat, well, give them a chance to change. This guy has never changed and now, instead of just having women he toys with, is starting another family with another woman and the wife still hangs by his side and blasts the mistress in social media while being afraid to put any real blame on the husband.

    This woman, is an idiot. What has happened to her is a result of her poor choices. She has a way out, but she chooses to stress herself doing this. If your husband is continually insisting on furthering a relationship with his mistress, the wife looks like an idiot saying dumb shit like "there is only one Mrs. Chau." What is the point of there being one or 10,000 "Mrs. Chau," when you have to share a husband? It's just a title on a legal document, it has no meaning.

    I wouldn't want to be "Mrs. Chau, " for sure. No amount of money, luxury or material comforts can replace being truly loved and respected. NONE. I feel sad that Heidi is in her situation but I don't entirely feel bad for her. She really should stop talking about Mandy, angry as she might be, it only makes her look that much more stupid.