Apr 20, 2015

Moses Chan(陳豪)'s 'Aged Look' For New Drama

Moses Chan(陳豪) was at TVB city to try out his new look for an upcoming drama series "Fashion War(潮流教主)".

In the drama series, Moses will be playing a fashion guru and his new look is similar to that of fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, he said: "Thank you for all the praises. The drama is about fashion. I've never tried this style before and it's nice to be around with so many actors I've never worked with before. (Are you going to use your own clothes?) No need. TVB already spent a lot of effort on each of our looks. All of our clothes are very elegant. It's going to be a good series. (Do you have any romance plots in the series?) No, we are leaving that to someone else."

Shares Investing Tips
Regarding the recent turbulent stock market, Moses claimed he's currently losing money but couple of his stocks have been doing well lately. Moses emphasized that the most important thing about buying stock is to do your own research and don't listen to random tips from someone else. When asked about his investing tactics, he said: "I try to go for long-term stocks and most of the stocks I own are bank stocks."

Moses Chan(陳豪)'s 'Aged Look' For New Drama

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  1. Gee... that's not a good look on him.