Apr 1, 2015

Pregnant Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡)'s Due Date Is This Month

Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡) finally tied the knots with his makeup artist boyfriend Andy last year after dating for 8 long years. Currently 33 years old, she will be expecting her first baby girl this month. To get ready for arrival of the baby, Yumiko was seen shopping for baby necessities and things to prepare for her stay at the hospital.

Last night at around 6pm, Yumiko's van was parked next to a baby store in Causeway Bay. Yumiko, who was patiently waiting inside the van, opened the door excitedly as an employee from the store carried a baby car seat towards the van. Before accepting the purchase, Yumiko made careful check to make sure the car seat is exactly the same item as the picture in her phone. Yumiko definitely became sharper after becoming a housewife.

After accepting the car seat, she was seen entering a commercial building and stayed for several hours before leaving the area. Even though Yumiko will be expecting her first child soon, her arms and legs still looked slim while her face became slightly puffy. With her bulging belly, Yumiko was walking as light as a feather and smiled happily as the reporters took her pictures. When asked if she is getting ready for the delivery soon, Yumiko did not respond. She quickly waved at the reporters and sped back to the van.

Pregnant Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡)'s Due Date Is This Month 

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