Apr 30, 2015

Rose Chan(陳嘉桓)'s 38YO Mom Remarries And Pregnant

Artistes Rose Chan(陳嘉桓), Wayne Lai(黎耀祥), Chung King Fai(鍾景輝) and others were in attendance for the Hong Kong Drama Awards Presentation Awards Ceremony.

As the award presenter, Rose Chan wore a see-through dress showing off her youthful voluptuous figure. She indicated that she has never tried theater work before: "I was in a movie about an adult themed topic. I heard they are working on a stage play version." When asked if she mind taking part in a revealing role for said stage play, she said: "We'll see."

In regards to her 38 years old mother Ronnie Chan(陳瑰霖) carrying her stepfather's baby, Rose admitted to be excited about the news: "Yes, my mom is currently 5 months pregnant and she's very healthy. I have a little brother two years younger than me. I am going to have another one that's 20 something years younger than me now! Mom's expected due date will be around the summer holidays. Many of my friends are also pregnant so I am going to have many godchildren." She also revealed her mom has already registered her marriage with her stepfather and he has been taking good care of her mom.

Rose Chan(陳嘉桓)'s 38YO Mom Remarries And Pregnant

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