Apr 21, 2015

Scarlett Wong(黃心美) Insists Jacqueline Wong Isn't Dating Johnson Lee

Actress Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎)'s older sister Scarlett Wong(黃心美) attended now101's filming event for the program "Apostrophe". As the host of the show, she revealed she will talk about real estate. She claimed she's currently living with her younger sister and the place was bought with her mom. When asked if she will invest with her sister, Scarlett said her sister is spending all her money on clothes and her car.

Claims Her Younger Sister Has Tomboy Characteristics
Regarding her sister Jacqueline Wong's recent rumor with Johnson Lee(李思捷), she quickly denied: "It's laughable. No way! My sis already said she has never been to Johnson's place. (Your sister attracts a lot of gossips!) Not sure why, maybe she pissed off someone. (Many people are calling her lascivious!) She has tomboy characteristics but she's okay with the rumors. She's already been through a lot during her time at pageant. Instead, Daddy was the one who thought the rumor was real and called us. (Does your dad want your sister to get married?) Sister is concentrating on work so no way!" As for herself, she revealed she's still dealing with her divorce so she doesn't want to start a new relationship just yet.

Scarlett Wong(黃心美) Insists Jacqueline Wong Isn't Dating Johnson Lee

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  1. Woah... the two sisters look exactly alike.