Apr 19, 2015

The 34th Hong Kong Film Awards Winners' List

Director Ann Hui(許鞍華)'s epic movie "The Golden Era(黃金時代)" dominated at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, winning five awards including including best film, best director, best cinematography and best art direction. This was his fifth time winning the best director award.

Actress Zhao Wei(趙薇) won her first best actress award for her performance in "Dearest(親愛的)". While Sean Lau(劉青雲) took home the best actor award for the second time in his career with the film "Overheard 3(竊聽風雲3)". Up-and-coming actress Ivan Wong(王菀之) won both best supporting actress and best new performer awards from her performance in "Golden Chicken SSS(金雞SSS)". Veteran actor Kenneth Tsang(曾江) was named best supporting actor for his performance in Overheard 3(竊聽風雲3).

List of Awards:
Best Film
The Golden Era(黃金時代)

Best Director
Ann Hui(許鞍華), The Golden Era(黃金時代)

Best Actor
Sean Lau(劉青雲), Overheard 3(竊聽風雲3)

Best Actress
Zhao Wei(趙薇), Dearest(親愛的)

Best Supporting Actor
Kenneth Tsang(曾江), Overheard 3(竊聽風雲3)

Best Supporting Actress
Ivan Wong(王菀之), Golden Chicken SSS(金雞SSS)

Best New Performer
Ivan Wong(王菀之), Golden Chicken SSS(金雞SSS)

Best Screenplay
Overheard 3(竊聽風雲3)

Best Cinematography
The Golden Era(黃金時代)

Best Film Editing
The Crossing I(太平輪:亂世浮生)

Best Visual Effects
Rise of the Legend(黃飛鴻之英雄有夢)

Best Sound Design
The Crossing I(太平輪:亂世浮生)

Best Action Choreography
Kung Fu Jungle(一個人的武林)

Best Art Direction
The Golden Era(黃金時代)

Best Costume and Make Up Design
The Golden Era(黃金時代)

Best Original Film Score
The Midnight After(那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅)

Best Original Film Song

Best New Director
David Lee, Insanity(暴瘋語)

Best Film from Mainland and Taiwan
Coming Home(歸來)

The 34th Hong Kong Film Awards Winners' List

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  1. Zhao Wei deserves it. She was so good in Dearest. She's better actress than Charlene Choi.