Apr 24, 2015

Vincent Wong(王浩信) Running In Underwear At MongKok

Artiste Vincent Wong(王浩信) was seen with Tracy Chu(朱千雪) and others in Mongkok to do an outside scene for TVB's upcoming drama series "Overrun Over(EU超時任務)". Although the weather was warm today, Vincent thought he was still too hot and was running around in underwear with Suet Nei(雪妮) on his back! Actually, the scene they were shooting was about Vincent saving his mom from a group of mobster chasing after them for money.

Gains 10lbs For The New Drama
During the interview, Vincent said he's not wearing anything underneath the underwear: "I'm already wearing underwear. I can't wear anything underneath." He also revealed he's gaining weight to play his role as the chief of the walled village of Hong Kong: "I've gain 10 lbs already. The director told me just eat whatever I can. I do feel guilty as I chuck down another bowl of rice at night. He told me to gain the wight within a month so it's been tough." (

Tracy Chu Slapping Vincent Wong For Real
Seeing Vincent Wong sacrificing himself for the drama series, Tracy Chu said she has accepted defeat: "I am losing to him this time! Even If I were to wear bikini, I would still be more covered up than him! (How about something more revealing?) I don't think that's allowed on TV!" When mentioned the two's character are playing enemies, Tracy claimed she accidentally slapped Vincent: "I was so into that one scene that I slapped his face hard!" Vincent who was standing next to her said: "I get hit by her all the time. My character is a scumbag and I was even taken by police station by her. It's my first time getting bruises from filming drama series."

Vincent Wong(王浩信) Running In Underwear At MongKok

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  1. Dude is buff. I can't wait to watch this series.