Apr 20, 2015

Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡)'s Daughter Finally Going Home

The currently 33 years old Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡) gave birth to a 5.5 lb baby girl on April 8th, 2015 and nicknamed her "Leung Zam Zam(梁浸浸)". However, her daughter was rushed to the NICU department at Eastern Hospital within 24 hours she was born. Husband Andy Leung(梁學儲) claimed the daughter was having problem breathing due to pleural effusion. After two weeks of stay in the hospital, the baby can finally go home!

Earlier today, Yumiko shared a picture of her daughter onto Facebook and wrote: "After leaving home for two weeks, Leung Zam Zam is finally coming back home!"

Moreover, Yumiko's husband Andy Leung also left a message on Instagram: "After two busily exciting weeks, I can finally drive around and take Leung Zam Zam back home..." It is said the couple already took the daughter home. Yumiko also used SMS to replied back to the reporter: "Thank you for the concern."

Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡)'s Daughter Finally Going Home

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  1. The daughter looks sickly.... I hope she gets better.

  2. Glad she is back home safely!