Apr 8, 2015

Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡) Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Congratulation! Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡) shared a picture of her baby girl on Facebook earlier tonight with the message "4.8". It is said her daughter was born today at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital.

Earlier this month, Yumiko was seen shopping for baby necessities and things to prepare for her stay at the hospital. Before that, Yumiko attended an event function and claimed she's scared of pain and will have a c-section.

Later at night, Yumiko responded to reporter's question:"The baby girl was born today. She weights 5.5 lbs. The entire birth was very smooth. I am currently learning how to be a mom. Thank you for everyone's concern." Yumiko said they picked today for the c-section and already gave her daughter a nickname "Leung Zam Zam(梁浸浸)" because today was a cool day.

Yumiko Cheng(鄭希怡) Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

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