May 28, 2015

Adason Lo(羅力威) Releases MV To New Song 'Hajimemashite(夏之咩)'

Singer Adason Lo(羅力威) recently released a new EP titled "Hajimemashite(夏之咩)" on April 28th, 2015. To promote the single, he has uploaded an official music video for the new song onto YouTube for fans to enjoy.

Adason invited Super Girls' Aka Chio(趙慧珊) to be lead actress for the MV for his hit song. As the crush of many guys, Aka automatically becomes the center of attention in the MV. By using different languages to say "I Love You" and other romantic methods to court Aka, Adson successfully steals the girl's heart by the end of the MV.

The song "Hajimemashite(夏之咩)" is composed and written by Adason himself. The title of the song comes from the Cantonese pronunciation of the Japanese word "Hajimemashite (はじめまして)", which means meeting someone for the first time. The concept of the song comes from extending the feeling of love and makes everyday "Hajimemashite(夏之咩)" for the girl. If you want to learn how to court beautiful girl, then watch this MV and learn a few things!

Adason Lo(羅力威) Releases MV To New Song 'Hajimemashite(夏之咩)'

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