May 18, 2015

AV Actress Rola Misaki(水咲ローラ) Rumored To Have Bought Out By Chinese Businessman

The currently 23 years old Japanese AV actress Rola Misaki(水咲ローラ), also formerly known as Rola Takizawa(滝澤ローラ) made her debut in the AV industry and captured the hearts and minds of all the young men back in 2012. After releasing four movies, she suddenly retired. In 2013, she made her return back to the AV world and has been more involved in developing her presence in China. With her soaring popularity, she has begun to interact with fans online and many netizens see her as the next Sola Aoi(蒼井そら).

In recent days, Rola was in Beijing attending an event function with a mysterious man in a mask. The two were acting intimate and talking nonstop with each other during the entire time. According to a report, the mysterious man is nicknamed as "Brother Realistic" and he is known as a secret billionaire in the entertainment circle with assets over hundreds of billions. It is rumored that he has bought Rola out as his personal assistant in the next 15 years for 50 millions RMB and will invest in her pursuit in the Chinese entertainment world.

Regarding the rumor, "Brother Realistic" made a post on Weibo claiming he's not buying Rola Misaki out and that he was only interacting with her due to the request from the host of the event. He emphasized he has never bought any girls out and that it is a lie perpetuated by others to make him look bad!

AV Actress Rola Misaki(水咲ローラ) Rumored To Have Brought Out By Chinese Businessman

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  1. She does look cute but is it worth that much. 15 years later, she's going to be almost 40. If i were him, I would donate the money to charity instead.