May 15, 2015

Eddie Pang(彭懷安) Caught Cheating On Fiancée Queenie Chu(朱慧敏)

Former EO2 dance group member Eddie Pang(彭懷安) has been dating TVB artiste Queenie Chu(朱慧敏) for about three years. Eddie was able to successfully propose to Queenie on Chinese New Year's Day(February 19th) this year. Afterward, Queenie indicated the two are currently busy with work for the foreseeable future and estimated that they won't get married until the year 2016.

Eddie, who is notoriously known as a player was caught several times in the past for cheating behind his girlfriend. However, Queenie would come out to defend him every single time. Earlier yesterday, a report claimed Eddie was seen cheating with a girl that resembles singer G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) with long legs.  As stated by the report, Eddie was out holding hands and buying white wine with said girl on April 4th this year. He even ended up spending the night at the girl's home. (

After the cheating came to light, Eddie released a public apology to his fiancée Queenie Chu on Weibo, he wrote: "Regarding the news report today that I was hanging out with a girl at night, I really feel apologetic to Queenie. As her fiancé, I am ashamed to have put her under the spot light and to have her respond to the situation every single time. Whether all the reports were true or not, I ignored her feelings and my job as her fiancé to protect her. From now on, I will do some self reflection and to do my best to avoid putting Queenie into these types of situation. I want to say I am sorry to all our friends who are worried about us. But this "I am sorry" is especially for Queenie."

On the same night, Queenie Chu was out filming the ending of the drama series "Come Home Love(愛·回家)". The scene was about Queenie getting back together with Lai Lok-Yi(黎諾懿)'s character and to have a happy ending. But in real life, her fiancé Eddie was caught cheating once again. Queenie responded to reporters' questions with tears in her eyes: "As a professional actress, I want to control my emotion to finish this scene. I don't want to reply to the situation for the time being but you will hear from me later on. In fact, this situation wasn't his first time so I want to let him face the media regarding what he did." (

Eddie Pang(彭懷安) Caught Cheating On Fiancée Queenie Chu(朱慧敏)

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  1. What a scumbag! Why the f is she still staying with him after all these times? She looks beautiful.. there's no reason for her to stay with him.

  2. He's only sorry because he got caught. Dump that baldie and get someone that actually respects you. It's not like he's the only man in the world. Good thing you are not married to him yet. Break it up!!!!!