May 29, 2015

Entire Chau Family Escort Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) To The Hospital To Give Birth

Macau casino tycoon Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) was seen at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital around 7 pm last night getting ready to have a c-section to give birth today on May 30th, 2015.

The pregnant Mrs. Chau arrived at the hospital in a black 7-Passenger SUV with her husband Chau Cheok Wa, and her two kids. In addition, a group of bodyguards and assistants also accompanied them to the hospital in another two vans. The scene was quite a spectacle. (

A group of reporters were already waiting patiently at the hospital for the Chau family to arrive. After the 3 cars arrived at the hospital, the entire family immediately rushed to the elevator. Mrs. Chau arrived first appearing in a white dress and sunglasses with her friend. While Chau Cheok Wa arrived in another car. When reporter asked Chau Cheok Wa if he will accompany his wife to the delivery room, he didn't reply and rushed inside.

The hospital also already arranged to have 6 security guards waiting at the parking lot to set a safety zone for the family. Even though the drop off spot was only couple steps away from the elevator, the security was sound and sufficient. (

With the entire Chau family accompanying her to the hospital including her father-in-law, Chau Cheok Wa's father. Her status in the family is as strong as ever even with Mandy Lieu beat her to giving birth first.

Entire Chau Family Escort Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) To The Hospital To Give Birth

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  1. Oh come on... why do they need security guards? Does Mrs.Chau really think Mandy Lieu is going to hire a group of assassins to attack her or something? Hahahahahah... this back and forth between Heidi and Mandy is fun.

    1. To get rid of the paparazzis thats it