May 1, 2015

Former SKE48 Member Kito Momona(鬼頭桃菜) Makes AV Debut

The 21 years old former Japanese pop group SKE48 member Kito Momona(鬼頭桃菜) was once caught kissing Johnny & Associates NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi(手越祐也). In recent days, a Japanese gossip magazine "Friday" revealed that she has changed her stage name to Yua Mikami(三上悠亜) and will become the 5th member from the AKB families to become an AV Actress.

According to production company MUTEKI's official announcement, Yua Mikami's first starring AV DVD will be titled "Princess Peach(TEK-067)" and it is scheduled for a June 1st release. In the DVD, she will be performing many unmentionable acts for the very first time in front of camera. At the same time, the latest issue of "FRIDAY" magazine also includes revealing pictures from her AV promotional photo-shoot.

FRIDAY / Kodansha

Kito Momona became a member of SKE48 in 2009. With her voluptuous figure and kawaii face, she has many okaku fans. She graduated from the group in April of 2014. With the announcement of her becoming an AV actress, many of her fans are excited about the news.

Former SKE48 Member Kito Momona(鬼頭桃菜) Makes AV Debut

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  1. She graduated from SKE in 2014 so she probably ran out money. With her look, she could be a gravure model or something. She will probably get burned out within a year and retired into obscurity.

    1. Nonsense. She can always work at a sex establishment if she retires early from AV. Being a former idol certainly makes a girl "special" in this kind of situation.

  2. it not run out of money...she just wanna be rich not famous
    girl like this..just waste time watching it....