May 3, 2015

Kay Tse(謝安琪) Returns Back To HK In Good Mood

Filming TVB drama for the first time, singer Kay Tse(謝安琪) traveled to Amsterdam with the cast and filming crew to film outdoor scenes for an upcoming drama series "Blue Veins(殭)".

After 12 hours of long distance flight, Kay made her return back to Hong Kong. Immediately after she walked out the gate, a fan handed her a Taiwanese drink. Kay promptly thanked the fan: "Good. I am thirsty! Thank you so much!" Kay then took the initiative to take a selfie with the fan as a thank you present.

Pushing a cart full of luggage, Kay accepted a quick interview with the media: "We have successfully finished filming the outdoor scenes in Amsterdam. Everything went very smoothly because it was almost sunny every day when we were expecting rain. (Did you enjoy collaborating with Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎)?) I had a great time. (Did he take care of you? I know how to take care of myself!"

Kay Tse(謝安琪) Returns Back To HK In Good Mood

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  1. Hahah. Kay Tse is looking good while Kevin is giving off don't you get near me vibe.