May 9, 2015

Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) Announces Marriage To Boyfriend

2007 Miss Hong Kong winner Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) made an announcement earlier today on Weibo that she's going to get married to her boyfriend: "Saiyi(Her role in Come Home Love) really didn't lie to us, everything is controlled by destiny!  Kayi has finally found 'The One'! Yes, I am getting married! I am so blessed to have found you in my life, thank you for choosing me Nate!" Many of her good friends all intermediately rushed to send their blessings to the bride-to-be.

On the same day, Kayi attended a charity banquet. Regarding the the good news that she's going to get married to her boyfriend, she happily shared her joy with everyone: "I am so happy. I'm finally getting married! (How's the wedding plan coming along?) We will register our marriage and have the wedding at Vancouver in September. That's because all our families are in Vancouver. Then we will have the wedding banquet in Hong Kong. We still haven't bought our wedding rings or wedding dress yet. We will make preparation in the next few months. (Isn't that kind of rushed?) My boyfriend proposed to me two years ago. My older sister had a wedding last year. It's my turn this year!

Not Thinking About Having Baby For The Time Being
Kayi indicated that her fiancé proposed to her on a cruise when they were watching a movie with him making a declaration of love for her. When asked how many carat of diamond ring did she receive, she said: "Not sure. I will say yes no matter what. (Are you going to stop working after getting married?) I want to continue to work. (Any plans for a baby?) I want to spend some time together first. My parents didn't even rush me but my uncle was hoping I would get married and have a baby at the same time!"

Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) Announces Marriage To Boyfriend

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  1. She's actually Miss Hong Kong? Wow... I thought she's just calefare.

  2. She looks weird. She looks like she had plastic surgery. Anyways... congratz.