May 1, 2015

Mandy Lieu Goes On The Offensive Mocking Mrs. Chau?

After getting mocked by Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) on Facebook couple weeks ago, Mandy Lieu is finally attacking back!

Earlier, there was a report that Chau Cheok Wa and Mandy were seen in Paris, France and also in Japan for a short vacation together. In said report, there was a picture of Mandy in bra top with a slight baby bump holding onto April 7th, 2015 issue of The Times newspaper from the UK proving that she's currently pregnant with a baby. But with her being 7 months pregnant, her belly is seen on the smaller size. (

After the report was out, Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) aka Mrs. Chau immediately took her anger out onto Facebook and publicly mocked Mandy: "I saw a pretty interesting phrase today: 'Tree without skin will die. Human without face is invincible.' Haha!" Heidi also claimed that someone is laughable and sad at the same time. Heidi's friends also joined in on the attack and said something along the line of the mistress won't end well in the future.

Today, out of nowhere, Mandy shared a picture of herself onto Instagram in smoking hot bathing suit with the latest issues of "ELLE" and "Financial Times" proving the picture was recently taken. She also wrote the following with the picture she shared: "You can't be me darling, so don't even bother... That's just pathetic~ P.s: this body does not wear XXL... So start working on yourself before you try to pull others down!"

Mandy's manager later accepted a phone interview claiming Mandy is currently not in Hong Kong. Regarding if Mandy is currently pregnant, the manager replied: "I won't reply to questions about that."

Mandy Lieu Goes On The Offensive Mocking Mrs. Chau?

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  1. People say Mandy is dumb for going after a married guy. But she knows full well what she's doing. Chau Cheok Wa makes more money in an hour than any regular folks make in a year.

    1. I agree! And people can have their sympathies for the wife, as "the wife," but Heidi is just posting up pictures of what her husband bought her (a car, trips, etc.) it seems like she's counting his love based upon monetary gifts. No different, having a legal document doesn't make her any less of what she accuses Mandy Lieu to be. At least Mandy Lieu seems real and haven't pretended to be a victim like the wife is. The wife knows what's going on and has not said one bad word about the husband and targets Mandy, like a stupid woman stuck in the 14th century or something.

      At this rate, I hope Mandy gets what she wants because the wife's actions are incredibly hypocritical and irritating.

      At any rate, if Mandy WAS talking to the wife, she's not wrong. She's younger, more attractive and based on both of these women's pregnancies, it's obvious Mandy has the upper hand in terms of being genetically, naturally (physically) far more attractive.