May 27, 2015

Mandy Lieu Has Given Birth To A Baby Daughter In London

Macau casino tycoon and Sun Entertainment Culture Limited's CEO Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) has been struck in the middle of his wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) and his mistress Mandy Lieu's battle for his love. With both of his women getting pregnant at the same time, their battle even continued into who can give birth to his baby first. These was a report earlier that Heidi wanted to move up the date on giving birth on Chau Cheok Wa's birthday on May 30th through c-section so she can use the baby as a weapon to lockup her husband's heart.

However, it is said Mandy Lieu may have beaten Heidi to the punch. According to a report today, Mandy and Chau Cheok Wa welcomed the birth of their daughter through a water birth at The Portland Hospital in London almost a week ago. It is rumored Mandy was admitted into the hospital around May 20th in the early morning. After 12 hours in the hospital, she was seen leaving with Chau Cheok Wa by her side on the same day in the late afternoon. (

When Mandy Lieu was leaving the hospital, Chau Cheok Wa was seen carefully carrying his baby daughter into the car. While Mandy Lieu was taking care of her luggage. It is said the baby daughter weights around 6.5 LB. The family of three was able to spend some quality time together before Chau Cheok Wa returned back to Hong Kong the next day.

On the day Chau Cheok Wa was leaving for Hong Kong, Mandy was seen dropping him off at the airport and even gave him a goodbye kiss. The two seemed reluctant to part with each other. Reporters tried to contact Mandy through SMS but she didn't reply back. While her manager Marie said: "No comment." It's tough having two families in different parts of the world. After witnessing the birth of her daughter in London, Chau Cheok Wa has also returned back to Hong Kong to get ready to celebrate the birth of his son and his 41st birthday on May 30th. (

Mandy Lieu Has Given Birth To A Baby Daughter In London

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  1. Hahahhaha. His wife Heidi must be mad as a hulk.

  2. What's with all the hate on Mandy? If they guy is happy with his marriage, he wouldn't go out to look for other woman. As long as they are happy, who cares! Not even his wife cares enough to do anything about Mandy. Congratulation on having a cute baby Mandy! I wish you happiness!

    1. Exactly, why bother to hate on Mandy when the wife herself is OBVIOUSLY condoning it? If the wife has not said one bad word about her husband and only blames "other women," who sleeps with her husband, well the wife deserves it.

      If the wife isn't even leaving the husband and has openly stated that there is nothing wrong with this lifestyle (she was quoted as saying that it's "normal," for this to happen since her husband is rich, handsome and educated) why should anyone hate on Mandy?

      If all three parties are enduring this, more power to them.

  3. Congratulations Mandy and Chau Cheok Wa on having a baby! Mandy is such a gorgeous and beautiful woman! Chau Cheok Wa is a good looking man! Their baby is going to be a gorgeous baby! The person that post the 2nd comment is saying something that's really true, I support! If Chau Cheok Wa was happy with his plastic looking wife then he would not go out to find another person! His wife is soooooooo ugly and looks soooo damn plastic! Hate that bitch! That bitch only knows how to start up drama! That bitch post comments and yells at Mandy on Facebook but Mandy never said anything to hurt her! Mandy post something and that bitch thinks that the world revolves around her and thinks everything is about her and starts another argument! That bitch needs to shut her damn plastic mouth and go die! People that hates or post ugly comments about Mandy needs to wake up! Being a third party is not correct but is finding true love wrong? If Chau Cheok Wa was happy then he would not go out and cheat! Maybe you guys should blame the man? I bet that bitch was once a third party herself and destroy the 1st marriage of Chau Cheok Wa! I support Mandy and Chau Cheok Wa being together! I wish them a lifetime of happiness!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ And the newborn baby happiness and good health!

    1. Thank you! The wife's face horrifies me. So much obvious plastic surgery, looks like an overstretched plastic mask. I wonder if she stops botox and surgeries for a few years would her face relax back to a normal, human face. Seems like people who do surgeries get addicted though and they all end up with the same face/features.

    2. Good job Mandy for trying to at least look like you have supporters. Karma will get what's coming to all of you, when you all die lonely and never understanding what true love and loyalty ever is and realize superficial things such as beauty and money don't ever last. If you're a childish supporter of Mandy, then I too hope that your other half cheats on you and leaves you for someone better in every way you can imagine that it just makes you explode with jealousy for you to understand the pain of what it means to be cheated. Go to hell all of you.

  4. I don't think Chau Cheok Wa would make a good family man given his history of multiple women. However misguided Mandy is though, she appears intelligent, patient and although making this mistake of starting a relationship with this man (married and has a long history of playing women, as well as not giving a crap about his wife and family to impregnate Mandy), generally classy.

    I hope at least Mandy will make a good mother, as Chau Cheok Wa and his wife clearly do not (featuring your children in a post on instagram with the "hush hush" pose to shame your husband's mistress? Good lord, leave your children [especially the young one] out of it!).

    Congrats to Mandy and hopefully she can be that woman that actually changes Chau Cheok Wa's ways, although I highly doubt it. From experience of women, throughout history of time, once a cheater, always a cheater.

    Out of the two women though, I absolutely am on Mandy's side. At least Mandy isn't a hypocrite like the wife and has remained generally quiet, which shows intelligence and class.

  5. I highly doubt if that bitch stops Botox and plastic surgery, she will turn normal again! If that bitch stops, she's gonna look like a used up sponge, feautures will start falling! That bitches lips is like a clowns! Maybe thats why Chau Cheok Wa goes out looking for another woman? If I were him, I would, staring and sleeping next to her will cause bad dreams! I rather look at Mandy whose a natural beauty! I hope that bitch does have a son and not another daughter, the daughter will look hideous just like the fucking daughter she has now!

    The damn son from Chau Cheok Wa's first marriage needs to wake the hell up! You are a fucking grown up, ur fucking stepmom probably is the one that destroy your parents marriage! Always standing and even supporting your ugly damn stepmom, wake up dumbass! If I were your mother, I would slap the hell out you! That fucking bitch wife only knows how to create drama and gets all
    family members involve even the damn daughter who should be kept out of the chaos!

    Mandy is 1000000.....% the classy, intelligent, and gorgeous one! I also hope she's the one that
    changes Chau Cheok Wa too and stays 1000000......% loyal to Mandy and the baby!

    The damn fucking wife only knows how to create chaos and drama and downgrade herself showing the people who is the REAL pathetic and desperate one! Her damn friends need to shut their Fucking mouths too, continueously saying bad about Mandy, it shows more and more how pathetic and desperate the damn wife is. BITCH WIFE AND BITCH WIFE'S FRIENDS GO DIG HOLES FOR YOURSELVES AND GO DIE!

    I hope very soon Chau Cheok Wa dumps the damn wife and marries Mandy, who is the real classy one. And holds the title of Mrs. Chau!

    I wish there is a way that the damn bitch wife can see all the comments saying things about her!

    1. That is so true, what's UP with the first son??? Why is he defending the woman that broke up his mom and dad's marriage? If I were his mom, I'd slap the crap out of him too.

      The only reason I hate the wife is how she completely defends her husband of all wrong-doings and then goes and blames the mistress - DUMBEST move ever. It just makes the wife look like a completely blind psychopath in deep denial.

      It takes two honey, if you're going to be stupid enough to openly mock and blame the mistress so heavily - to the point of dragging your children, your friends and family into it, please do not act like your husband has no guilt, just makes you look like you have no brains, respect for yourself or dignity.

      If the wife is stupid enough to stay, she should've kept her mouth shut and save herself some face.

  6. Does this Mandy lady and this guy's wife have any self-respect for themselves? Dump his sorry ass! Real men aren't wishy washy. They know what they want and do it. If it's real love, then he would divorce the wife no matter what. If he cares about his family, then he needs to break it off with Mandy before things are now complicated with a child.

    This Mandy girl is so beautiful but so stupid to be having a kid with this guy. With her beauty and age, she could get any rich, handsome guy and achieve official wife status. Why waste time, youth, and now being a mother for a douchebag player that doesn't give a shiet about being responsible and a man. Now stuck with a baby, when the relationships sours with this dude, any respectable rich guy's family wouldn't accept her into their homes. So stupid.

    1. I'm guessing money has a very strong allure to some, so strong that it can encompass all, including devouring self-respect.

      I do not condone at all the actions of third parties in marriages, cheating husbands, or tolerant wives of cheating husbands.

      Everyone is a hot mess here, but in this specific situation, I am amazed by the amount of people throwing so much hate at Mandy as if she is the sole reason for this whole fiasco.

      Honestly, everyone involved here is at fault. I just particularly do not understand the actions of the wife. It only hurts herself to be hateful of her husband's mistresses, but supportive of her simply doesn' that way.

      There will be a lot of suffering for Heidi if she doesn't either fully admit she is in denial with being able to deal with a man like that and leave him, or fully change the way she thinks and be able to fully accept her husband's philandering. By fully, I mean, either fully support or leave, trying to somewhat accept, but not publicly, only privately, would only cause Heidi to end up incredibly broken and sad.

      There is a lot of lack of introspection on Heidi's part about what really can, or cannot be.