May 2, 2015

Mandy Lieu Has Online Battle With Chau Pakho(周柏豪)

After getting mocked by Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) on Facebook, Mandy Lieu returned fire by posting a picture of herself in red hot bathing suit on Instagram with the message: "You can't be me darling, so don't even bother... That's just pathetic P.s: this body does not wear XXL... So start working on yourself before you try to pull others down!" Although Mandy didn't name any names but it is suspected to be for Mrs. Chau.

Five minutes after the picture was shared by Mandy, Chau Pakho(周柏豪), the son of Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) didn't like what he saw and left a message on Mandy Lieu's Instagram: "darling, if you have anything you wanna imply, just straight out say it?!" He continued: "btw.... Which body wear XXL? I would love to meet that body!!!" Afterward, Chau Pakho posted a picture of himself with his stepmom Heidi and his stepsister implying that Mandy should just shut up. (

However, the story didn't end there just yet. Mandy saw what Pakho wrote and immediately clarified herself regarding who's wearing XXL. Mandy claimed the original message was for the person who was impersonating her on Facebook recommending people where to buy pregnant women clothes. The two then had a back and forth with each other to clear things up. In the end, they even shared contact information with each other. So did the two end up becoming friends?

After this entire situation gets blown up into a catastrophic proportion, many netizens started posting mean messages on Mandy Lieu's Instagram telling her not to steal other people's husband. While some people left behind supporting messages telling Mandy to stay strong and blaming the situation on the man who got her pregnant.

Mandy Lieu Has Online Battle With Chau Pakho(周柏豪)

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  1. lol what is going on? Alvin Chau's entire family is mocking his mistress? His entire family seems insane or maybe it's just the media age, people can't resist the attention.

    This is something that's shameful for all parties and with the little girl in the photo too, that's terrible parenting to involve a child that young in actively mocking the woman his father is having an affair with.

    This is better than TV dramas.

  2. Heidi and Alvin are bad examples to their little girl. That little girl is going to grow up with unfaithful men not really knowing it's wrong. The father figure is always every little girl's first "prince charming," the first example of how a man should be.

    That little girl is going to remember how her mom thought it is okay and that it is something that is common and not out of place as long as the guy is rich, has power, etc. since that is something the mom said about the dad when trying to defend the dad's long history of cheating with starlets.

    I feel so bad for that little girl for having rich, but terrible parents who can't even teach her respect and what that means. Too little parents don't understand that kids don't just learn what you say out of your mouth, but out of your actions more than anything you selectively just say with words.

    Look at that mess, she put her daughter up to taking a selfie trying to shut up one of her dad's mistresses. That is some crazy stuff.