May 1, 2015

Mandy Lieu's Management Company Makes Official Announcement

Model Mandy Lieu's has been rumored to be 7 months pregnant with Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)'s child. Since returning back to Hong Kong, her pregnant stomach seems to come and go with each new report. Some said that because Mandy is an avid Pilates practitioner, that's why her pregnant stomach isn't as prominent as other people. While there was also a rumor about her having an abortion. In recent days, someone pretended to be Mandy Lieu on Facebook and recommended people where to buy pregnant women clothes. Earlier today, Mandy Lieu's management company released an official announcement regarding that fake account.

Mandy Lieu's management company made an official announcement that someone is using Mandy Lieu(劉碧麗)'s name to open a Facebook account pretending to be her for advertisement purposes. To avoid future misunderstandings and other false reports, the management company "Quest Artists & Models" claimed that they have full control of Mandy Lieu's Facebook & Weibo accounts and that Mandy herself does not have any personal social media accounts. If someone is found using Mandy Lieu's name to register any social media accounts for advertising or promotional purposes, the company reserves the right to take legal action and seek compensation for such losses from those who caused the damages.

Mandy Lieu's Management Company Makes Official Announcment

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