May 29, 2015

Mrs.Chau Breaks Her Silence On Mandy Lieu Giving Birth To Daughter

Mrs. Chau Heidi Chan(陳慧玲)'s good friend Tiffany Chen(陳嵐) publicly denounced Mandy Lieu claiming she leaked information to the media about her giving birth in London with Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) by her side to provoke the pregnant Heidi.

Tiffany Chen also said: "Some people's actions are really malicious. It doesn't matter if you are giving birth or not. You purposely leaked the news about yourself to the media to provoke the wife of your lover who's about to give birth. You are really up to something no good!" Tiffany also stated to be worried about Mrs. Chau and tried to persuade her to not get angry for the good of the baby. (

With all the news reports about Mandy Lieu has given birth to a daughter becoming a hot topic, the once quiet Mrs. Chau finally broke her silence by posting a picture of the phrase from "OuMamaFenSiTuan(歐罵馬粉絲團)" onto Facebook. The phrase is as follows: "I've never liked fighting with anyone over things. If you like them, then take them. If you can take them, then take them away."

The post from Mrs. Chau seemed to be mocking Mandy about doing unnecessary work to get things she can't take away. One netizen wrote: "You are right. Only cheap people like to fight with people over things. Even if you put things out in the open, cheap people still don't have the abilities to take them away. Things will always return back to their original owner." Mrs. Chau immediately gave that comment a like. (

Mrs.Chau Heidi also accepted a phone interview from reporters and said: "Everyone only needs to be responsible for their own lives. Regarding my family, we will take care of it on our own and we won't discuss it out in the public forum. Thank you!"

Mrs.Chau Breaks Her Silence On Mandy Lieu Giving Birth To Daughter

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  1. Heidi: You’ve made your choice, it’s clear. Your husband has made his choice; he is obviously choosing to remain connected to Mandy without caring how it affects you, or your families. Mandy has made her choice, she is not letting go of your husband.

    The funny thing is in this situation, it is your HUSBAND that has betrayed you. Not Mandy. Mandy owes you nothing, she doesn’t know you and she is not your friend. Do you realize how stupid you look praising your husband for having the ability to attract many women, while constantly, nonstop calling Mandy all sorts of names? (cheap, tramp, etc. etc.)

    You have acted like you are the traditional understanding wife. Acted as if you know men like your husband will definitely get a lot of women and “it can’t be helped.” If you believe this, then you should be at peace and understand what is going on now between Mandy and your husband.

    No one should or is going to feel bad for you when you refuse to get yourself OUT of this situation. I would feel bad for you had you at LEAST been quiet. If you’re asking yourself why everyone is on Mandy’s side, it is because at the VERY LEAST, she has remained quiet. You on the other hand, have openly free your husband of all his faults and only blame the women. You are a stain on women everywhere.

    If you really do love your husband and believe he loves you, tolerating him constantly disrespecting you is not love on your part or his. Total blind tolerance just means you’ve given up on yourself. You don’t think you’re worth any better, you no longer have standards, and you’ll take what you can get. If that is the case, don’t blame Mandy, blame yourself for ending up feeling like you don’t deserve better than a man that has destroyed your life. Blame your husband for being the cruel, heartless person that he is for using money, fame, power and outdated ideas to convince you that there is still love between you two.

  2. If Heidi believes everyone is responsible for their own actions (as said in the video) why is she acting like her husband is not responsible for HIS?

    She ONLY blames the women, not her husband.

    If Heidi says this is a private family matter (in the video) and it is not something that needs to be publicly discussed, why does Heidi continuously post up things, do things to target Mandy? Why did she have her husband publicly announce he loves his wife the most?

    Either play your part or don't. Be that wife that accepts and sticks by her husband by doing it well, not mocking or harassing ANY of his mistresses.

    Or get a backbone and rebuild your life with someone who can truly love you.

    Can't have it both ways, Heidi.

  3. Man, if your husband truly TRULY loves, he wouldn't PUT YOU in a position where you have to fight over him with multiple women. Not even for a one night stand. I hope you find true love one day and look back on this and realize how no money, fame or power is worth it.

  4. His wife sound so hypocrite LOL.

    She should just stay quiet, like she constantly posting stuff on her social media just to provoke Mandy. She is the one that's trying to get people attention.