May 2, 2015

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Admits Dating Music Director Boyfriend Terry

Artiste Nancy Wu(胡定欣) was at TVB city filming for an upcoming drama series "Short End Of The Stick(公公出宮)". She pointed out that she's worried about the risk of suffering a heat stroke when she travels to Kaiping, China in June doing outside scenes for the series, she said: "The story is about me selling rice. So I will need to be down at the rice paddy field for the filming. I will need to start making preparation soon."

Recently, there was a rumor about her dating music director Terry. When asked if she will miss her boyfriend when she travels to China, she said: "We are still trying to get to know each other. We can still talk to each other online. (But they may not have wifi in farmland?) Then I will write letters!" Nancy also revealed she has plan to travel with her friends after the filming is done. She joked that she may bring her friends to Kaiping and be their tour guide.

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Admits Dating Music Director Boyfriend Terry

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