May 28, 2015

Shaw Brothers Actress Yu Fung(于楓) Passes Away At 63YO From Cancer

Former Shaw Brothers superstar actress Yu Fung(于楓) passed away on May 27th, 2015 at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong. She was 63 years young. Her good friend Siu Yam Yam(邵音音) was the one who announced the news of her death to the media.

Siu Yam Yam said: "I received the news of her death from our group of friends on Weibo. She had been sick for 2 years with gastric cancer. She was in Taiwan to treat her cancer for awhile and just recently came to Hong Kong. When her boyfriend Johnny Yip(葉振棠) accompanied her to the hospital, they found that her body was full of cancer cells. The doctors couldn't do anything for her so she decided to live out her life at home." Siu Yam Yam indicated that she visited her two weeks ago and she couldn't eat anything, she said: "Yu Fung told me she was in pain all the time and she didn't want to die."

Yu Fung was born in Taiwan and she entered the Hong Kong entertainment industry when she was only 15 years old. At the time, she accompanied her friend to an audition and ended up getting chosen for the lead role. She was the youngest lead actress for Shaw Brothers. She and her ex-husband Leong Ting Cheong(梁廷鏘) had a son together. They moved to England and opened a restaurant after getting married. She was known as "Chinatown Big Sister" for helping out and standing up for Chinese people in England.

Shaw Brothers Actress Yu Fung(于楓) Passes Away At 63YO From Cancer

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