Jun 11, 2015

45YO Christy Chung(鍾麗緹) Seen Dating 33YO Zhang Lun Shuo(張倫碩)

The currently 45 years old Christy Chung(鍾麗緹) has been the dream woman for many men since she started her career in the entertainment industry. Single after two marriages and with three daughters, she's still as attractive as ever. Ever since Christy married Taiwanese music producer Jon Yen(嚴錚) in 2003, she has moved permanently to Beijing to be with him. However, the two ended their 8 years marriage in 2011 and Christy has since been working in China. In recent days, Christy was seen shopping together with the younger 33 years old Chinese actor Zhang Lun Shuo(張倫碩) in Hong Kong.

Picks Out Bracelets As Romantic Keepsakes
The two walked into the jewelry store to purchase romantic keepsakes for their relationship. At the time, Christy was trying out different bracelets and asked Zhang Lun Shuo for his opinions. Afterward, Zhang Lun Shuo picked out a unique looking bracelet and helped put it on her wrist. Christy also picked out a matching bracelet for him. The two were flirting back and forth during the entire time. (

Christy In Love Like A Teenage Girl
After they finished shopping for jewelries, the two stopped by the old cable car exhibit to take pictures. Christy immediately acted like a teenage girl and struck different poses while Zhang Lun Shuo snapped away with his camera. Later on, they dropped by the coffee shop for a short rest. Christy was in the mood for more pictures so she took out her phone to take selfies with Zhang Lun Shuo. They also took out the bracelets they bought and put them on each other. After another 30 minutes, the two then left together and disappeared into the crowd.

45YO Christy Chung(鍾麗緹) Seen Dating 33YO Zhang Lun Shuo(張倫碩)

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