Jun 28, 2015

50YO Ageless Beauty Candy Lo(羅霖) To Release Revealing Photobook

As the mother of three, the 50 years old ageless beauty Candy Lo(羅霖) will be releasing her first photobook titled "Timeless" at the Hong Kong Book Fair in July and she will also do her part to help a charity too: "It is more blessed to give than to receive. Parts of the proceeds from the photobook will go towards to the charity to help battered children and women." For this photobook, Candy even specially traveled to Soeul, South Korea for onsite shooting: "I brought over 80 pairs of shoes and 15 cases of clothes. Luckily, my oldest son traveled together with me so I could use some of his suitcases too."

Besides sporting the usual elegant style, Candy also tried out a more sporty and glamours looks for the photobook: "I tried to go all out this time. With the combinations of different makeups and hairstyles, not even my friends could recognized me from the pictures." (

In the few short days in Korea, Candy was out shooting for 10+ hours everyday and endured the grind of being a model: "During one rainy night, I was only wearing a tube top out there. I was so hungry and cold. Since I didn't want to affect the dress I was wearing, I didn't even use a heat pact. On another day, I had to run back and forth over 10 times just for this one shot." Candy revealed she was happy to have received the support of friends and family for the photobook: "My oldest son traveled together with me. I am thankful that he accompanied me to Korea in those few days."

50YO Ageless Beauty Candy Lo(羅霖) To Release Revealing Photobook

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