Jun 11, 2015

Bella Lam(林穎彤) Faces Setbacks Filming In Japan

Artiste Bella Lam(林穎彤) recently traveled to Japan to film J2 Tokyo chapter of the traveling program "Own Sweet Home(安樂窩)".

Even though the trip only lasted about 15 days, Bella encountered many setbacks but admitted to have learned a lot from the experience: "Various things didn't go our way. The interpreter's passport expired. We tried to look for an interpreter in Japan but we had communication issues. The shopkeeper suddenly changed his mind and wouldn't let us film. It was raining the entire time too. I also had to take care of makeup, hair, and scripts on my own. This trip actually helped me to be more self-reliant." (

Being first time in Japan, she also took the opportunity to take picture with Tokyo Tower but didn't have time to do some shopping due to her packed schedule: "All the shops were closed after we were done with filming. We were filming in Shibuya one night and saw some cute clothes but all the shops were closed already! I am sad!"

Bella Lam(林穎彤) Faces Challenges Filming In Japan

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