Jun 16, 2015

Fan Bingbing(范冰冰) Heroically Rushes Injured Boy To Hospital

Today, in the afternoon, Mainland China actress Fan Bingbing(范冰冰) witnessed a car accident when filming a variety show in Hangzhou and immediately rushed an injured boy to the hospital. Initially, Fan Bingbing's heroic action drew praises from netizens but it was revealed later that the car accident was caused by the fans at the scene obstructing traffic. Some netizens posted a message from the injured boy's mother: "As a mother, I feel sad for what happened to my son. All these crazy fans that were chasing after celebrities, you guys caused irreversible physical and emotional damage to my son. My once happy family is now filled with sadness."

The message by the mother blamed the cause of the accident on the fans of Fan Bingbing and Jerry Lee(李晨): "I don't really want to post this. Everyone was sharing the news about Fan BingBing's heroic act, I didn't even know it was my son until I watched the video. Fan Bingbing and Jerry Lee were both outside the school during the after-school rush hour. People went crazy seeing the two of them and blocked traffic at the scene. Then the teacher that picked up my son crashed into another motorcycle. My son landed on the ground face first and his 4 front teeth came loose." (

Afterward, the mother of injured boy posted again and apologized to Fang Bingbing about what she said: "I want to personally apologize to Fan Bingbing. I jumped into conclusion before understanding the entire situation. She was the one who saved my son and rushed him to the hospital.  She even paid for all the medical fee... I am sorry for all the things I said that may have negatively impacted her. Again, I want to say thank you to the Goddess(Fan Bingbing) that saved my son."

Fan Bingbing(范冰冰) Heroically Rushes Injured Kid To Hospital

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  1. LMAOO, thats why ppl shouldn't conclude stuff unless they know what truly happened smh.