Jun 12, 2015

Jay Chou(周杰倫) Releases MV For The Song 'I Want Summer(我要夏天)'

Taiwanese superstar singer Jay Chou(周杰倫) just shared the music video for the song "I Want Summer(我要夏天)" onto Youtube. The song is composed and written by Jay Chou himself.

Besides incorporating the beautiful ocean view of Kenting National Park in the MV, he also held a mini rock-and-roll concert by the beach-side. He even got to ride the jet ski for the first time but he scared all the staff at the scene when the quadcopter almost collided with his head.

The MV for the song "I Want Summer(我要夏天)" showcases a different style of summer for fans. Jay and his good friend Gary Yang(楊瑞代) gathered over 200 people by the beach to start a concert for the music video. However, Jay's makeup artist ADo(杜國璋) dressed up as girl for comedic effect and director Jay could only respond with a helpless smile.

Jay Chou(周杰倫) Releases MV For New Song 'I Want Summer(我要夏天)'

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