Jun 30, 2015

Jinny Ng(吳若希) Apologizes For Arguing With Netizens

Jinny Ng(吳若希) was filming for a TV program "All Things Girl(姊妹淘)" at TVB city. Recently, she started an argument with netizens for lip-syncing during a live event, Jinny claimed to have been feeling agitated: "Every single time when I lose my voice or feeling under the weather, I would become flustered. If what I said made people feel unconformable, I want to say I am sorry. But I should at least receive basic respect from everyone."

When asked if TVB said anything to her over the incident, she pointed that she was told to avoid confrontation with fans: "I've been busy and I don't even have enough sleep. TVB told me I shouldn't get agitated over small matter." Jinny is still recovering from vocal cord polyp, she was asked if her condition is affecting her from filming for upcoming TVB drama series "Angel In-The-Making(實習天使)", she said: "I also want to ask if they will do dubbing over my voice. But everything should be fine."

Jinny Ng(吳若希) Apologizes For Arguing With Netizens

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