Jun 4, 2015

JJ Lin(林俊傑) Releases Official MV For The Song 'Black Keys(黑鍵)'

JJ Lin(林俊傑)'s latest song "Black Keys(黑鍵)" took Mayday(五月天)'s Ashin(阿信) close to half a year to come up with the lyrics. From the previous fantasy-like song "Black Warrior(黑武士)" to the realistic ideological song "The Dark Knight(黑暗騎士)", the song "Black Keys(黑鍵)" completed JJ's dark-themed trilogy. You can say it is a series full of interesting conceptual work.

According to Mayday's Ashin, the song "Black Keys" took him close to six month from start to finish. The inspiration of the song came to him one day and he immediately asked JJ if it is difficult for him to practice the piano everyday. Ashin confirmed the theme of the song after he received a picture of JJ's fingers full of scars.

The theme of the song came from the scars JJ suffered from practicing the piano. The song portrays JJ's road from when he was a kid playing the piano for fun to the professional musician he is today providing great music to his fans. However, the hidden meaning behind the song is to motivate the listeners that they too can reach their dreams if they persist. Just like what Ashin said: This song is for the people who keep working hard alone everyday without complaint to achieve what they want in life. 

JJ Lin(林俊傑) Releases Official MV For Song 'Black Keys(黑鍵)' 

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