Jun 4, 2015

Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎), Grace Chan(陳凱琳) Caught On A Date Night

Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan(陳凱琳) were exposed to have hit if off with each other after filming the drama series "Blue Veins(殭)". The two's relationship grew leaps and bounds in the few short months they worked together. During the end-of-filming banquet from a few days ago, the low profiled Kevin even proclaimed he would take Grace out on a date before leaving for China. Grace even came out saying she wouldn't mind having Kevin drive her home afterward. Ultimately, Kevin talked the talk and walked the walk. Their secret date was caught by the reporters.

Grace Uses Tactics To Avoid Being Seen
Grace was already very careful to avoid being seen on a date with Kevin. A few days ago, she took a taxi from Causeway Bay(銅鑼灣) to Prince Edward(太子) after an event function. Afterward, her father drove her back home. Until after 10 pm when most of the reporters waiting outside her place left home, she secretly sneaked out to see Kevin at the Pacific Place(太古廣場) shopping mall at Admiralty(金鐘). (

Happily Shares Baby Back Ribs With Kevin
At the restaurant, Grace was seen wearing a cute tank-top while Kevin was sporting a black cap. The two ordered baby back ribs, wantons, and other delicious food. Just they were about almost done with their meals, reporters walked up to the two and took pictures of them. Grace was so shocked she covered her mouth with her fists while Kevin had an angry look on his face.

Kevin Protects Grace
The reporters asked the two if they are officially dating, Kevin said: "Can you guys please let us enjoy our meal?" Grace then stared back at Kevin with a smile. At the moment, the staff at the restaurant stopped the reporters from interviewing the two. (

Drives 1.3 Million BMW To Take Grace Home
Reporters were waiting outside the restaurant for close to an hour, they then found out Kevin and Grace already left through the back door to get their car at the parking lot. It is said Kevin has cut down his driving to the minimum since he crashed into a rock at TVB city back in 2011. With Grace accepting his invitation to a date, Kevin didn't mind driving his $1.3 Million BMW to take Grace back home.

Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎), Grace Chan(陳凱琳) Caught On A Date Night

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  1. Wait.. he what? He crashed into a rock in 2011. LMAO. He has a nice car but he can't even drive. Go find someone your own age Grace.