Jun 24, 2015

Kuo Xiao Xiao(郭曉曉) Releases MV For Her Debut Song 'Follow Me'

SonyMusic Japan and Eelin Entertainment's new artist Kuo Xiao Xiao(郭曉曉) will be releasing her debut mini-album "Follow Me" on June 26th, 2015. She recently starred in the 2015 FamilyMart Ice cream commercial and was also responsible for the commercial song "Follow Me". Within 10 days, her commercial garnered over a million views on Youtube!

The currently 22 years old Kuo Xiao Xiao has Paiwan aboriginal heritage. At 16 years old, she confidently signed up for the 5th season of the singing competition "One Million Star(超級星光大道)" and made it into the top 100s. However, she couldn't move up any further. In another singing competition, the judge said her singing was boring and lacked emotion. She thought she was on her way up but ended up getting knocked back down. She cried but she didn't give up. She continued her road to search for her next performing stage. (

Until in 2013, she joined the Taiwan-Japan joint "FamilyMart ASIA COLLECTION BIG STAGE" audition and was rated as the top singer. Later, she was signed to SonyMusic Japan and Eelin Entertainment to start her career as professional singer. In a few days, she will finally release her debut mini-album "Follow Me".

Kuo Xiao Xiao(郭曉曉) Releases MV For Her Debut Song 'Follow Me'

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  1. LindaChungBB4evaJune 26, 2015 at 6:21 AM

    She's technically a Yui clone except she's cuter. Kuo Xiao Xiao! I will remember you!