Jun 6, 2015

Margaret Chung(鍾麗淇) 4 Months Into Her 2nd Pregnancy

Former TVB artiste Margaret Chung(鍾麗淇) previously gave birth to her daughter Isabella Ruggero with the rare Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. Currently at 38 years old, she's 4 months pregnant into her second pregnancy. 

Margaret accepted a phone interview from reporter admitting to being 4 months pregnant and she has already found out the gender of the baby. When asked if the baby was planned, she said: "Yes, it was planned. My husband was so happy when he found out. Since my husband and I both have siblings, we want Isabella to have a playmate too." She also revealed she experienced morning sickness in the early stage of her pregnancy: "I vomited a bit at the beginning. Daughter was sick too and she infected me. So it was very tiring. I've never been so exhausted in my life so I temporarily suspended my yoga class. I will restart the class next month." (

Margaret's due date will be around November and she expects to give birth naturally. Margaret claimed that with her being older and her daughter having the rare hereditary syndrome, she already did plenty of tests for her second pregnancy: "During the time when I was pregnant with my daughter, they didn't have the test for the hereditary disease. We found out that the baby is perfectly healthy after we did the test. Doing the test helped us prepare for the baby mentally and we will have the baby no matter what. At the end of the day, it is a life after all."

Margaret Chung(鍾麗淇) 4 Months Into Her 2nd Pregnancy

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