Jun 20, 2015

Miss HK Pageant Favorite Mandy Ng Announces Withdrawal From Competition

When we are talking about the favorites for the 2015 Miss Hong Kong Pageant(香港小姐競選), we would for sure talk about the 10A high achiever and Cambridge Law graduate Louisa Mak(麥明詩). While the other favorite Mandy Ng is known for her voluptuous figure and her friendly demeanor. However, Mandy suddenly announced her withdrawal from the pageant competition last night on her social media accounts.

Last night, Mandy posted a picture she took after her interview for Miss Hong Kong pageant onto Instagram with the message: "Thank you for everyone's support but I won't be continuing in the pageant competition. People have been talking about me and comparing me to various contestants. While I also have been followed and giving interviews to reporters even when I was very tried. I've been suffering from insomnia due to the pressure of being in the competition. I feel this lifestyle doesn't suit me at all. I want to thank TVB for giving this opportunity and people that have been supporting me. Please don't put me in the news anymore."

Many netizens were saddened by her withdrawal and left behind messages to wish her good luck in the future: "TVB doesn't suit you! Smart Decision.", "The most important thing is about being happy!", "It's best to be yourself. Good Luck!"

Miss HK Pageant Favorite Mandy Ng Announces Withdrawal From Competition

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  1. The entertainment industry can devour a person that isn't ready. I wish this pretty lady the best and admire her for her conviction!