Jun 20, 2015

Sam Lee(李璨琛) Hangs Out With Mysterious Girl Behind Wife's Back

Actor Sam Lee(李璨琛) has always been known for his nightlife escapades. However, after he married his fashion designer girlfriend Pae Leung(梁志瑩) in 2012, he has since become a family man and totally changed his playboy behaviors. Little did we know that he would wind up at a nightclub with a mysterious girl at around midnight. The married Sam was seen hugging and kissing this girl the entire night!

At around 1 am, Sam was sighted at a nightclub hanging out with his friends. During his time at the club, Sam was staring at this one girl wearing a deep v dress. After awhile, the creative Sam walked up to her to strike up a conversation. At first, the girl seemed uncomfortable with the attention she was getting from him. After a few drinking games together, they decided to switch to a more quiet club to continue their night. (

After they arrived at the new club, the two appeared to be more comfortable and intimate with each other. Sam wanted to take a picture with her for memory's sake but the girl seemed shy. Sam then suddenly bear hugged her from behind and gave her a kiss on the cheek. After a few drinks, the girl was sitting on top on him and they didn't leave the club until 5 in the morning. It was evident Sam was drunk as he was swaying back and forth when he was walking with the girl he met at the club and a female friend by his side. In the end, they walked to a secluded area and left via taxi.

Sam Lee(李璨琛) Hangs Out With Mysterious Girl Behind Wife's Back

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