Jun 21, 2015

Sharon Kwok(郭秀雲) Slams Chin Siu Ho(錢小豪) For Not Paying Alimony

Sharon Kwok(郭秀雲)'s son Andrew Pong(龐景峯) has been the focus of attention with him traveling to Korea to become a singer. While his birth father Chin Siu Ho(錢小豪)'s popularity has also been on the rise with him making a comeback to film drama series with TVB.

Protecting The Image of Son: It was the girl hitting on him
Earlier, there was a report claiming Andrew as a playboy, Regarding the news, Sharon accepted an interview to clarify the situation: "They talked like he's playing around with girls but he's not. He's a pure-hearted good boy. He may look like an eagle but he's just a sparrow. The girl was the one hitting on him. He's been busy training to become a singer in Korea. He spent two months just to learn how to breath before he did any recordings."(

Did Not Have Contact With Chin Siu Ho
Sharon continued: "Legally speaking, Chin Siu Ho is supposed to give me $1 a year for alimony. It's not that I want that $1 from him, it's that we've never been in touch with each other. But there's no need for us to talk about the stuff from 20 years ago." When asked if she will let her son see Chin Siu Ho, Sharon said: "The son is 24 years old this year. He's an adult. I encourage Andrew to go see him. At the end of the day, he's his dad."

No Contact With Son
As for Chin Siu Ho, he admitted he hasn't been in contact with his son. Regarding the claim that he didn't pay any alimony after the divorce, he said: "It's not important! Relax!" When talked about his relationship with his son, he replied: "It all depends on fate! He never grew up with me. But if he invites me to go dim sum with him, of course I will be happy!"

Sharon Kwok(郭秀雲) Slams Chin Siu Ho(錢小豪) For Not Paying Alimony

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  1. Chin Siu Ho is a shitty human being. Didn't he get arrested for taking random pictures of little girls at the mall? I have no idea why TVB let him star in that Wudang Rules drama.