Jun 17, 2015

Show Lo(羅志祥) Publicly Admits To Dating Grace Chow(周揚青)

The currently 35 years old Taiwanese artiste Show Lo(羅志祥) aka Xiao Zhu(小豬) has been revealed to be on a private trip to Shanghai with the popular Mainland China internet celebrity Grace Chow(周揚青). After the news was spread by the media, Show Lo left a message onto his Weibo account: "Yes... Thank you everyone!" This is the first time he publicly admitted to being in a relationship since he made his debut in the entertainment world 20 years ago.

According to sources, Show Lo recently introduced Grace Chow to his mom. It is believed his mom thinks fondly of her and likes her straightforwardness. That's why Show Lo was willing to publicized the relationship.

Regarding Show Lo openly admitted to the relationship, his managing company hopes people can give him space: "He's still focusing on his career at this stage of his life. He's also not a kid anymore so he should have his own private life. He will continue to fulfill his duty as an artiste. Thank you for everyone's concern." (

However, many of Show Lo fans couldn't seem to accept the news and claimed Grace doesn't match well with their idol: "Why Grace Chow? Is this a joke!? Tia Li(李毓芬) was a lot better." Some fans even went as far as leaving hateful messages on her Weibo account. While some fans also wished them happiness.

Show Lo(羅志祥) Publicly Admits To Dating Grace Chow(周揚青)

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  1. gotta aim as a fan of him i am slightly disappointed.
    i was rooting him with hu die sigh