Jun 24, 2015

Show Lo(羅志祥) Rumored To Get Married To Grace Chow(周揚青) At The End of The Year

Singer Show Lo(羅志祥) has been involved in various romance rumors in the past. Last week, he surprised everyone by announcing his relationship with Mainland China internet celebrity Grace Chow(周揚青).

Earlier today, there was a rumor that the 36 years old Show Lo is thinking about marriage. It is said that Mama Lo thinks fondly of Grace's thoughtfulness and her caring spirit. In addition, Mama Lo has always thought about having grandchildren. To satisfy his mom's wish, the considerate Show Lo is thinking about getting married at the end of the year. (

According to report, Show's heart was captured by Grace a long time ago due to her kind and thoughtful personality. More importantly, her straightforwardness also mesmerized Mama Lo. Although Mama Lo never pushed Show to get married, she often tried to indirectly ask him to see if he has the urge to get married. About a month ago before Show publicized the relationship, he secretly asked his friends "If I get married, would you guys come?"

In 2012, Show Lo and Grace Chow were revealed to be flirting with each other using their private Weibo accounts but his managing company denied the allegation. Until in February this year, the two were seen wearing matching watches and traveling together to Japan. (

In regards to the marriage rumor, Show Lo's manager Chen Zhen Chuan(陳鎮川) claimed Show is currently focusing on work: "You guys are really enthusiastic about this. At this moment, Show is concentrating on his professional life. If he has other plan, he will let everyone know in the future."

Show Lo(羅志祥) Rumored To Get Married To Grace Chow(周揚青) At The End of The Year

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  1. She may have a plastic surgery face but she does look pretty good. I wish her happiness with Show.....T_T