Jun 22, 2015

Singer Alfred Hui(許廷鏗) Rumored To Be Living Together With Crossdressing Man

Popular singer Alfred Hui(許廷鏗)'s singing career has always been smooth sailing for him. Yet, with his original record label Stars Shine International(星煥國際) merged with TVB's Voice Entertainment(星夢娛樂), Alfred could be losing his status as the number one recording artist within the label to the other heavily promoted singer Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘).

Alfred's career maybe hitting a road block for now but he's leading a very happy romantic life. According to report, Alfred has been dating singer Jade Kwan(關心妍)'s cross-dressing male assistant Ah Siu(阿小). The two even started living together at Alfred's residence at Pristine Villa in Tai Wai about 6 months ago. (

The crossdressing Ah Siu was originally Jade Kwan's loyal fan and ended up becoming her assistant. Due to work, Ah Siu hit it off together with Alfred. Three years ago, the was a rumor about the two making out in a taxi but Alfred insisted they were only friends. According to people with inside knowledge, Alfred's relationship with him never stopped and they even started living together: "The two have been living together for close to 6 months now. But Ah Siu doesn't spend the night with him everyday. Alfred doesn't like to go out of the house so Ah Siu would often buy takeout for him all the time. The two are always very careful when going out too." In this past week, the two were photographed leaving the same residence at Pristine Villa on two separate occasions, which exposed their cohabitation relationship. (

Last Thursdays at 9 pm, Alfred and Ah Siu were out with a friend. Alfred was sitting at the back of the car, while Ah Siu was sitting next to the driver. They drove to a nearby restaurant to pick up the takeout they ordered and disappeared into the night.

Last Saturday at around 6 pm, Alfred and Ah Siu were out together once again with Joyce Cheng(鄭欣宜) and two other friends. The group of five drove to a hospital to visit a friend. Alfred got off the car with a friend while Ah Siu and Joyce waited for a minute before joining them inside the hospital. Ah Siu seemed to be in a good mood, he even skipped around as he entered the hospital.

Alfred and Joyce stayed in the hospital for an hour before leaving. They seemed to have spotted paparazzi so they left in a hurry without Ah Siu. After 15 minutes, Ah Siu walked out in disbelief since they left without him. He angrily got on his phone and left via taxi.

Reporters tried to contact Alfred following the initial report but he didn't reply back. While Ah Siu was asked about the day he was visiting a friend at the hospital with Alfred, he said: "A relative got sick. We both know that person." Regarding the rumor that they are in a relationship, Ah Siu emphasized they are only friends. When asked if he's living together with Alfred, Ah Siu denied: "No. Of course not. There's no such thing."

Singer Alfred Hui(許廷鏗) Rumored To Be Living Together With Crossdressing Man

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  1. Jesus... that's some freaky hardcore taste he has. The dude is not only gay but a crossdresser as well.

  2. I'm pretty liberal and don't understand the crazy belief that everyone is born heterosexual and everyone must hide their true sexuality lest be ridiculed by society based on the dumbest, most arbitrary crap, such as sexuality which doesn't make one a bad person.

    All that being said, man, that is not an attractive partner. Probably better as a dude but from the pics of him as a dude, still wasn't attractive. I think a lot of transvestites, transsexual men, having been men for most their lives do not realize the importance and pressure from society that when one is a woman, you're nearly invisible and shunned if not an attractive one.

    Best of luck to both of them, but that dude needs quick lessons in style and make up asap. That is not a good looking woman.