Jun 28, 2015

Tracy Chu(朱千雪) Celebrates 27th Birthday With Cast Members

2012 Miss Hong Kong 2nd runner up Tracy Chu(朱千雪) celebrated her 27th birthday yesterday. In a blink of an eye, she has already been working with TVB for 3 years. At the time, she lost to Jacqueline Wong(黃心穎) and Carat Cheung(張名雅) during the pageant competition. Now, Tracy may have the brightest future out of the three due to her appeal to viewers.With her getting heavily promoted by TVB in recent years, she was even assigned the lead role for an upcoming drama series "Overrun Over(EU超時任務)".

Yesterday, Tracy was out filming all day for the drama series "EU Overtime Mission(EU超時任務)". At 12 am in the morning, director Lam Chi Wah(林志華) and fellow actors such as Vincent Wong(王浩信),  Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), Pal Sinn(單立文) all celebrated her birthday with a cake! The birthday girl was so happy she shared the pictures she took onto Weibo. Tracy said: "I have a cake to eat right at 12 am. Thank you, my brothers!"

Tracy Chu(朱千雪) Celebrates 27th Birthday With Cast Members

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