Jun 12, 2015

Tracy Ip(葉翠翠)'s Fiancé Accused of Abandoning Daughter Before Getting Married

Former Miss Hong Kong Tracy Ip(葉翠翠) is set to get married to boyfriend Raymond Zhou(周曉東) on July 11th, 2015. However, the media received a fax from an anonymous person that reads, "Getting married to Miss Hong Kong, Reducing child support, Abandoning his own daughter, Tracy Ip to marry the cheapest man in the world in July." The fax also included a family court case number.

Reporters tried to contact Tracy to understand the situation. Tracy claimed to know her fiancé's past and indicated that he already divorced his ex-wife in 2009. After divorce, Raymond has been paying child support but his ex-wife was involved with some issues at work and ended up getting laid off. (

Tracy said Raymond's ex-wife suddenly asked for a 100% increase in child support after the news of her dating Raymond was revealed in September last year. Raymond accepted her request but they also had a consensus that the child support would return back to the original amount after she found work. Several months later, the ex-wife sent Raymond another letter through her lawyer asking for another 200% increase in child support and proclaimed she would take it to court no matter what. Raymond knew that she found work already so he denied her request. (

In addition, Tracy and Raymond used to have contact with Raymond's daughter. In April this year, Raymond suddenly couldn't see her daughter anymore. When asked about how would Tracy and her boyfriend approach the situation, she said: "We are helpless here. There's nothing we can really do. His ex-wife already found a nice boyfriend, she should focus on living her new life instead!"

Tracy Ip(葉翠翠)'s Fiancé Accused of Abandoning Daughter Before Getting Married

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  1. All these Miss Hong Kong winners are dating garbage men. Money does buy everything in life.