Jun 16, 2015

Tracy Ip(葉翠翠) Shares Elegant Wedding Pictures

The bride-to-be Tracy Ip(葉翠翠) and her boyfriend Raymond Zhou(周曉東) are set to get married on July 11th, 2015. The couple took their wedding pictures in Hong Kong earlier in March. In the pictures, Tracy wears a low cut lace wedding dress and shows off her happy smile with her soon-to-be husband by her side.

Tracy indicated that she initially wanted to spend two days on taking wedding pictures but she ended up shooting indoor for one day and another day out at the Victoria peak due to bad weather, she said: "It was so hot and humid on the day we were taking wedding pictures. My fiancé and I were sweating like pigs out there but we had so much fun together. My three dogs were out there taking pictures with us too." She also revealed she thought about traveling overseas for wedding pictures but decided to stay in Hong Kong because she didn't want the trouble. She also said she may take another set of wedding pictures aboard if time permits.

Tracy Ip(葉翠翠) Shares Elegant Wedding Pictures 

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