Jun 14, 2015

Wong Yan Yu(黃昕瑜) To Become The New Voice Of Doraemon(哆啦A夢)

TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen(林保全) passed away earlier in January this year. Uncle Po Chuen was the Cantonese voice of Doraemon(哆啦A夢) for over 30 years. The story between Doraemon and Nobita will still continue. So far there has been no decision made on who is going to take over the voice acting role of Doraemon.

Earlier, there was a rumor that Uncle Po Chuen's daughter Safina Lam(林芷筠) would take over his role. According to the latest report, the one who will take over the voice acting role of Doraemon is going to be a young voice actress named Wong Yan Yu(黃昕瑜). She recently just did voice acting for an upcoming Doraemon movie.

Safina Lam accepted a phone interview from reporter regarding the rumor: "It's true. The decision was made by TVB. Since I wasn't a part of the movie, I never listened to her voice to make the comparison."

The 26 years old Wong Yan Yu was the graduate from TVB's 5th voice acting training class. She officially joined TVB in 2012 and was previously involved in various projects including Kira☆Deco(寶石寵物), Aikatsu! Idol Action!(星夢學園), The Heirs(繼承者們) and many others.

Wong Yan Yu(黃昕瑜) To Become The New Voice Of Doraemon(哆啦A夢) 

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