Jul 7, 2015

Aarif Rahman(李治廷) Rumored To Be In A Gay Relationship

The handsome mixed-race Aarif Rahman(李治廷) has debuted in the entertainment industry for more than six years. In recent years, he has been working in Mainland China and his popularity skyrocketed with the drama series "Empress of China(武媚娘傳奇)". He was even rumored to have hit it off with his co-star Fan Bingbing(范冰冰) during the filming of the show. Yet, with Fan Binbing going public with her relationship with Jerry Lee(李晨), people seem to have forgotten about Aarif. However, you will remember Aarif after reading this article. It is rumored that Aarif is having an ambiguous gay relationship with Chinese actor Ray Ma(馬天宇)!

Aarif and Ray have been participating in the Chinese reality show "Sisters over Flowers(花樣姐姐)". The two have been said to act gay by calling each other "Papi" and Mami" on the show! Aarif has been known as handsome and even hailed as an idol by many gay men. While Ray was rumored to have a special relationship with a male photographer at the beginning of his career. Coincidentally, both Aarif and Ray never revealed to have a girlfriend before! Although Aarif and Ray may have been working together for the very first time, they were very compatible with each other. During the filming of the show, they were sleeping together in the same room every night and even argued with each other like a married couple. (

The two are also very good friends privately and they would often interact with each other on Weibo. During a television interview, Aarif once mentioned Ray is the man behind his success, he said: "We saw each other during our trip everyday and we've developed this chemistry. If it's something I can't take care of, he would naturally help me out. Ray is the man behind my success... I've become his wife... I am the mom, he's the dad." At this point, no one knows if Aarif was saying all these ambiguous things to draw attention to the show or if he's actually in a relationship with Ray. I guess we will know more about their relationship in the future.

Aarif Rahman(李治廷) Rumored To Be In A Gay Relationship

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  1. Two super hot guys. Lucky couple if this is true. Why do all the super hot men have to be gay? *sigh*