Jul 24, 2015

Catherine Chau(周家怡) Hopes To Find Love For Her 36th Birthday

Actress Catherine Chau(周家怡) attended a major exhibition event. Since it was her 36th birthday, Catherine also received a birthday cake from Bryant Mak(麥子樂). She indicated that she has a lot of birthday wishes: "I hope I can continue my good luck. Everyone can be happy and makes lots of money. (How will you celebrate the day?) I've been celebrating in these past few days. I feel going to work is almost like I am on a vacation. That's because I am celebrating everyday. I will have a dinner party with my friends at night."

When asked if she has any wishes for love, she expressed that she hopes to find the one soon: "I want to find someone that will treat me right until the end of time. However, that person hasn't appeared yet. I tried tarot card reading earlier, it was telling me to focus on work since nothing will happen in the next 6 months. But I don't believe the prediction. Faith will move mountains. I asked if the one has appear yet, it was still telling me to focus on work and not fantasize on unnecessary things. (Why not try someone like Bryant Mak?) I knew him since we were teenagers. We are like family. It's just too weird." (

Bryant Tells Catherine To Look For A Foreigner
Bryant Mak revealed he will be eating dinner with Catherine later tonight to celebrate her birthday. When asked if he's treating, he said: "The one who has the birthday should be the one treating since it will bring good luck to everyone. I treat everyone to a meal on my birthday too." When mentioned Catherine is still single, Bryant claimed she's foreigner's cup of tea: "I think foreigner likes her type. (Will you guys get together?) No way. We are like family."

Celebrates Birthday With Best Friend Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼) And Others
At around 10 pm on the same day, Catherine, Bryant, Charmaine, and 8 other people were seen outside a building in Causeway Bay after celebrating Catherine's birthday at a restaurant. Reporters wished Catherine happy birthday, she happily replied back: Thank You!" Afterward, Catherine got her car from the parking lot and even drove Charmaine back home.

Catherine Chau(周家怡) Hopes To Find Love For Her 36th Birthday

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