Jul 17, 2015

Celine Yeung(楊鎧凝)'s Photobook Taken Off The Shelf Amid Controversy

The currently 6 years old child star Celine Yeung(楊鎧凝) aka "Sister Maxim(美心妹妹)" recently released the photobook titled "Lovely Childhood Memory(童萌時光)" at Hong Kong Book Fair this year. After the book was released, Against Child Abuse Association and many people claimed certain images in the photobook as distastefully inappropriate.

The photobook's publisher Popcorn Publishing Ltd. tried to smooth over the controversy by canceling an autograph session and even taking down all the photobooks off the shelf at the book fair. Ronald Lam, which is the person in charge and also the photographer of the photobook accepted an interview at the radio station earlier in the morning and emphasized the theme of the photobook is about showing off her cuteness. He stated that he has no control over what other people think because sickos would have perverse thoughts even if they are staring at a tree. In addition, he also indicated that he didn't instruct Celine to do any provocative poses during the photo sessions so he doesn't understand why people are judging the photobook with a biased agenda. (

However, at around 9:00 pm, Ronald Lam and his planing partner made an announcement regarding the photobook. The content of the announcement is as follows:

"Regarding the controversy surrounding Celine Yeung's photobook, we have something that we want to announce.

For Celine's photobook this time, Celine and her family members voluntarily participated in the photo sessions. Photographer's original intent was to capture Celine's lifestyle in the photobook. Due to the complicated production process, we released the photobook without confirming the contents with Celine and her family. In regards to all the troubles we have caused, we are sorry. After assessing the situation, we have decided to take the photobook off the shelf."

Celine Yeung(楊鎧凝)'s Photobook Taken Off The Shelf Amid Controversy

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